The World is my Home


By Juan L. Latapi


I shall sing a new song, a song of freedom.

In a place of brotherhood, in a place of pure unrequited love,

a place between the dusk, the dawn and everything in between.

And in this place there shall be no time for sorrow, no time for pain.

One by one I’ll be the change.

I have seen the worst of men,

But I have also seen the best.

Isn’t it funny when you discover that whatever thoughts you have, was the best you ever had?

Canvass the heart against the backdrop,

columnated memories domino.


The heart of the country beats deep within the unnerving soul.

The undeniable legacy surrounded by purity, and all that you can’t leave behind.

Shadows of our nature and ghosts of our hearts,

on this grand stage mustn’t everyone play their part?

An immaculate stone of duty and a righteous sense of purpose amidst a sea of no’s.


Past, present, and future, colliding in aching stars,

bloodshot eyes weeping for hollow memories from afar.

Like King Midas trying to fight back the tidal waves, searching shelter from the storm.

All is one and one is all, and as sure as the wind ragingly blows in a treacherous whirl,

I am everyone for this is my home and nothing will change my world.



…for the people of Tanzania.

JL 2012.


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